Polaroid American Secret

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When I was a little boy growing up in communist country I wasn’t able to get any western world gadgets. One of them was Polaroid camera, in so many wester movies I have seen this plastic wonder. I always wanted to take pictures of everything and instantly show them to others as the pictures where spat out straight from camera. Just like on American movies. 🙂

My American dream.

One day my father came back from East Germany. He brought back with him a Polaroid camera. The first picture just  woke me up – that flash and this noise I was amazed. I felt in love.

The only problem was the 10 pictures that it could produce and the price of those prints was sky high. For me with my pocket money it could cost one gazillion pounds and it wouldn’t make any difference. My piggy bank could not eat that many coins.

So I kept watching movies.

Now I’ve grown up and now there is no Polaroid. Things that almost killed my instant childhood dreams, now killed Polaroid. Overpriced pictures in digital world wouldn’t survive. The company did not respond fast enough to changing world.

Now Polaroid technology was bought by some other company and they produce this PX film first flush something darkness, darkness 🙂 Film is very fragile and every picture can be easy damaged so results can be catastrophic. I think it is better than no film at all.

(find out more about PX flim)

Polaroid the most intimate photographic technology before digital photography, so far doesn’t have it apprentice. I understand Polaroid Company could not put the prices down, but why it wouldn’t work with producing lower volume? We still need and desire these instant pictures, their off colours, and their out-of-focus and this orgasmic like minute that we had to wait for photos to magically appear.

Maybe Polaroid understood this and that is the reason behind POGO, zero ink printers and digital instant camera? Price range is great and colours are off too. The difference is that with POGO printers we can print from any built in phone camera that has Bluetooth connection.  Picture size are different, but colours are unpredictable as always. I thing it is great alternative to go forward. I just do not understand why POGO instant camera that costs so much while it produces only 5mpix file? Ok, it prints instantly but come on, 5mpix, are You crazy Polaroid? Now mobile phones have more. Basic FIVE mega pixels for almost £200, I would rather buy simple point and shoot 12 mp camera for £50 and seal tape my POGO printer to it 🙂

So I am not sure if they fully understand what is going on, maybe sometimes they should come out of their labs and check how the world changes? Thank God they produced POGO mobile printer which You can buy now for 20 or so pounds. I love mine, it is different than old Polaroid but it has its own magic.

What is so amazing with old Polaroid now that it is still so desired?

It recorded the happiest moments and produced photos fast and witness the most intimate moments in our lives. It amazes me every time I flick through millions of Polaroid pictures online, how it changed our lives. I do not think that there is other company that produced film or cameras that recorded so many secrets that we wouldn’t share with any lab, or photographer. This side of Polaroid pictures tempts me the most, I would love to collect these pictures anonymously and put them into one album, so no one would ever know whose secrets were they. How amazing this album would be? How much it would say about us? Our dark side or things we are embarrassed of? These moments we do not share with others, just us and bottom drawer of our memory. Let’s collect our secrets. What is yours? I won’t tell anyone.

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