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  Some time ago I started a new project called ONE PERSON STUDIO – because I photograph only one person at a time and I carry the studio myself.
The idea was born from the urge to photograph people who are interesting, but not specially interested in visiting a photographic studio to have their picture taken.
  There are many photographers working with street photography, many of them shoot in secret, discreetly, hiding so as not to interact with their subject.
Street portraits have their own magic, they show people as they really are, without preparation, catching the people by surprise. But in my opinion they always seem to lack light, good light, because it is hard to light someone on the street without proper preparation.
I wanted to change this, and I had been thinking for a long time how to approach the question of taking portraits on the street, but with studio lighting.
I had to design a light that would work and also be as mobile as possible.
I decided to build a light that I could carry in my backpack and that would be as adjustable as possible.
  My choice was to use a beauty dish, and as the light source the strongest flash I own.   The dish is attached to a studio tripod, in turn attached to the frame from an old ladies shopping trolley.   It all had to be as light as possible when I am walking around.   The dish is 66 cm diameter, which is huge, but it has a psychological value because it convinces people that if I am mad enough to walk around with a huge satellite dish above my head, as one passer by termed it, I must also be harmless.
  For every person I have but a brief moment because we live in a world where everyone is rushing somewhere.   So every portrait is taken in less than 3 minutes.   It is a free project so I don’t get paid, and I don’t pay any of the participants.   The only way I can say thank you is that everybody gets one image.
Through this project I aim to show the diversity of people in London, the most multicultural city on the world.   I want to show people who are here at this time and who were willing to participate.   I take 5 images of each person and after choosing one I retouch it, not to make them younger or to remove imperfections, in fact I do the opposite dragging them out into broad light and showing the world what the subject knows already, (after all who else knows more about out faces than ourselves?).
 I want to show the real us.
  The feedback I get from people when they see the finished image is magical. Often they use them as their profile picture on social websites, one person used it on her CV and wrote to say thank you when she got a job.
I’m pleased my project has had an impact on people’s lives, i ways I never imagined when I began this project.
  If you would like to see more of the pictures please visit the website

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