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Crossharbour by KRULA   When I was approached by the band Crossharbour I’d never heard about them before. They were looking for a photographer who would help them to create a cover for their CD and images for PR purposes.  As soon as we met a brainstorm started, for a few hours we had been bouncing some ideas forwards and backwards. We knew that we want to create something different, they are in the very competitive market of  Irish Music, and it is even harder for them as they are a band with its roots in  London.  So we wanted to highlight their London roots.

They really wanted to have picture on Millennium Bridge with St Pauls Cathedral in the background. How many images have you seen like this before? Exactly!! Me too.

So we started adding twists, how about a panorama, that’s sounds better, how about we twist even more, how about a panorama that changes from morning on one side, throughout afternoon in the middle and night at the other end. A full day in one shot? Crazy? Yes.

Was it done before? Probably yes. So let’s twist even more how about we include members of the band in the shoot. Day-night panorama with people? Oooh that’s a challenge. Let’s twist it even more. How about most of the transition from day to night will be on the actual band. Madness 🙂

But I love challenges and love working with people who are committed to make something different, people who are passionate about everything they do.

I came back home and couldn’t stop thinking how the hell am I going to do it?

It is all about preparation.

I knew to shoot a panorama you need a panoramic head to swivel  the camera from one side to the other. Panoramas are very tricky to shoot as you may be affected by the parallax error.  People often forget about that and they just turn the camera lens not the actual camera. I didn’t have panoramic head as they are ridiculously expensive and I just don’t shoot enough panoramas to justify buying one. So I had to make one. I used my old metz- hammer flashlight holder and attached my camera to it, a little bit of measuring and “tada” here it is.

I knew that to shoot a panorama like this I needed to shoot a lot of panoramas during the day, from day till late night and then stitch them in postproduction, a bit of each one seamlessly.

But it was Summer, days are long, this one was very, verry long. We met and I set up my camera. I and the band had to be there for hours to shoot countless numbers of panoramas with whole the band in the same spot, as I didn’t know which part of which person would be necessary for post processing.

Hours and hours later when night came I kept doing the same but now using a flash light with each member. We shot, and we shot. But the real challenging work was just about to come.  To cut a long story short it was a mind bending process, as light changes directions during the day and the shadows are on different sides. To stitch them together was mind tricky process. It took me 50 hours till I was finally pleased with the fruit of our work.

Now I’m just waiting to put my hands on my own signed copy of these amazing people.

Meanwhile you can check their amazing music here:

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