Polaroid and Impossible finally communicate

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Last week I started this blog with the first posts about Polaroid Instant Films and cameras. Now we can witness how two biggest Companies try to sort out in what direction should Instant Photography be going.

Polaroid: No worries we will still release new instant camera.
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Polaroid is Back !!! Instant one :)

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Funny thing is that few days ago I have started this blog and first post was about dying art of Polaroid and I just found out that Polaroid is back. Polaroid, according to British Journal of Photography, just announced that:

Polaroid has partnered with Fujifilm to develop and release its new Polaroid 300 instant camera and matching instant film, which uses Fujifilm’s Instax design and format. 300 is the results of what PLR IP Holdings, Polaroid’s new owner, calls the “Polaroid Movement”, which has brought together “creative minds, leading instant and digital imaging technologies and iconic photographers”.

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Polaroids! We miss you!

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Polaroid unfortunately announced closing down its division of instant film production. For me and many other fans of this technology and instant pictures it was catastrophic news. Just like dogs left in the forest we walked lost in the digital era. But as I just found out there is a hope, light at the end of the tunnel. I just found out that there are people like me, who miss Polaroid film so much that they try to retouch their digital pictures so they look like Polaroids. I know there are some companies out there that try to make money on our sentiments, as expected, by producing plug-ins for Photoshop.

But I found one guy named  Maxmilian Jaenicke aka rawimage on Devianart, who developed instead of plug-ins for Photoshop set of actions that you can download for free.

It is very simple and effects are amazing.

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Polaroid American Secret

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When I was a little boy growing up in communist country I wasn’t able to get any western world gadgets. One of them was Polaroid camera, in so many wester movies I have seen this plastic wonder. I always wanted to take pictures of everything and instantly show them to others as the pictures where spat out straight from camera. Just like on American movies. 🙂

My American dream.

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