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Crossharbour by KRULA   When I was approached by the band Crossharbour I’d never heard about them before. They were looking for a photographer who would help them to create a cover for their CD and images for PR purposes.  As soon as we met a brainstorm started, for a few hours we had been bouncing some ideas forwards and backwards. We knew that we want to create something different, they are in the very competitive market of  Irish Music, and it is even harder for them as they are a band with its roots in  London.  So we wanted to highlight their London roots. Read the rest of this entry »

Holi One

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Holi One by KRULA PHOTOGRAPHY    Sometimes you look for opportunities and sometimes they just cross your path when you least expect. For me it was the Holi One festival. I’d never heard about this festival before,  inspired by Indian celebration. To be honest it was first time it  took place in London. It is a music festival and every hour they countdown and then everybody throws coloured powders in the air.  When I’d seen the trailer I was mesmerised and excited by the explosions of the colours.

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Mr X – ONE PERSON STUDIO – Real Faces of Tattoo

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I knew when I started a “REAL FACES OF TATTOO” project, that during the process I would meet some amazing people. I also knew that most of the artists’ work would be inspiring to many. Some of us are inspired so much that we even decide to let them put ink under our skin, for life.
But I knew that not only is their work inspiring, but artists themselves are source of inspiration for many including me. I’m so glad that they let me portray them.
I’d like to share with you ‘A film directing first from Alex Nicholson, this dark short film features Duncan X, a tattooist from South London reminiscing about his life and work.’ This tattooist was one of the first artists portrayed in my project.
Here is a short clip showing credits by Jason Devine

To watch full clip and read more about this amazing work please go to:



Credits to credits:

Title Director : Jason Devine
Artwork : Chris Martin, Jason Devine








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  Some time ago I started a new project called ONE PERSON STUDIO – because I photograph only one person at a time and I carry the studio myself.
The idea was born from the urge to photograph people who are interesting, but not specially interested in visiting a photographic studio to have their picture taken.
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Real Faces of Tattoo

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Steve Vinall by Maciek KrulaMatty Darienzo by Maciek Krula Duncan X by Maciek Krula    WSara Night by Maciek Krula hen winter came and it was too cold to go out on the street to take pictures I came up with another idea for portraits.
I decided to portray tattoo artists. So far no one has come up with a similar project – always a good sign.
I’m not saying no-one has taken a picture of a tattoo artist, but I don’t know of another photographer who has focused on a whole series.
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Hairdressers Journal Publication

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Some time ago myself and the creative team at Elements created pictures having taken part in two hair competitions helping them become finalists both the L’oreal Colour Trophy Mens Image Award and the American Crew Competition.

But recently I’ve received an issue of Hairdressers Journal and on opening – Bang !!!

Here it is. I’m very happy about this. Congratulations to all involved.

Cadillac – car from my American Dreams :)

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When I got married, my wife and I wanted something special to take us to the ceremony so we hired an old Cadillac.   I fell in love with this car and I wanted to take some pictures, so the day after our wedding I did just that.
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Richmond Dream

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I love children’s stories about forests full of magic where every tree has its wisdom and from every dark corner there are reflections of strange sets of eyes looking at you.
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The American Crew Competition

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I just got last issue of Hairstylist Journal and there was this additional issue about American Crew competition. I found that two of the pictures that I did with team of hairstylist for this competition were printed. 🙂

Not a cover but it’s always good to see your own work printed.








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My new INTRO

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Here is intro to my Videos that I will post on youtube for you to watch 🙂

There will be tutorials and reviews and behind scenes so do not forget to subscribe.

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