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Crossharbour by KRULA   When I was approached by the band Crossharbour I’d never heard about them before. They were looking for a photographer who would help them to create a cover for their CD and images for PR purposes.  As soon as we met a brainstorm started, for a few hours we had been bouncing some ideas forwards and backwards. We knew that we want to create something different, they are in the very competitive market of  Irish Music, and it is even harder for them as they are a band with its roots in  London.  So we wanted to highlight their London roots. Read the rest of this entry »


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  Some time ago I started a new project called ONE PERSON STUDIO – because I photograph only one person at a time and I carry the studio myself.
The idea was born from the urge to photograph people who are interesting, but not specially interested in visiting a photographic studio to have their picture taken.
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Future is here!!!! 3D without glasses? No way? Way!!! :)

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It doesn’t matter how it works, but it’s here, for the first time. Finally we can enjoy 3D cinema without wearing these ridiculous glasses.

Moreover, it is also a 4K TV boosting a staggering 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution that is four times higher than a typical full-HD model.


I think so, I’d love to get one of those, but we still don’t know when it is going to be available in Europe and what is more important what will be the price?


Secret Beauty

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Sometimes I’m lucky and during paid sessions I’m able to shoot some extra pictures that will be useful for my portfolio and this thing happened during the last boudoir session I did. I shot this portrait that I think will be suitable for my beauty portfolio.

What do you think?

Richmond Dream

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I love children’s stories about forests full of magic where every tree has its wisdom and from every dark corner there are reflections of strange sets of eyes looking at you.
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The American Dream, engagement session

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Simple,a lovely couple asked me to shoot them with their lovely car.

Simple story, broken car and rescue by handsome man.

Simple, few samples of pictures that we took on that day.

Daylight, camera Canon 5d, action!!! 🙂


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Photoshop Tutorial

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Finally I uploaded my first Photoshop Tutorial

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My new INTRO

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Here is intro to my Videos that I will post on youtube for you to watch 🙂

There will be tutorials and reviews and behind scenes so do not forget to subscribe.

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New Exhibiton at V&A London

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There is a new exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Read the rest of this entry »

My new gadget :)

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I started this blog choosing less evil, everybody should have a blog, they say. They say I should have a face in a book, tweet but in only on myspace. This is what has happened with this world. But I am still fightin, I still prefer to phone my friends than check what are they twitting about on their facebook account. Maybe I am one of those old school animals sentenced to extinction. Still fighting and kicking.
But true is that the world goes further and opens new opportunities in front of us. I do not want to be like my grandfathers locked in their own era. They do not know what is facebook, what is myspace and for them only birds tweet. (Sometimes I envy that).  For them the biggest thing since sliced bread is a remote controll,  that amazing thing that changes the channel.
But now we have to communicate, socialize. I think it is a way forward,  that we can see and know things we would never know. Without internet we will not be who we are now.
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