My new gadget :)

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I started this blog choosing less evil, everybody should have a blog, they say. They say I should have a face in a book, tweet but in only on myspace. This is what has happened with this world. But I am still fightin, I still prefer to phone my friends than check what are they twitting about on their facebook account. Maybe I am one of those old school animals sentenced to extinction. Still fighting and kicking.
But true is that the world goes further and opens new opportunities in front of us. I do not want to be like my grandfathers locked in their own era. They do not know what is facebook, what is myspace and for them only birds tweet. (Sometimes I envy that).  For them the biggest thing since sliced bread is a remote controll,  that amazing thing that changes the channel.
But now we have to communicate, socialize. I think it is a way forward,  that we can see and know things we would never know. Without internet we will not be who we are now.
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Polaroid and Impossible finally communicate

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Last week I started this blog with the first posts about Polaroid Instant Films and cameras. Now we can witness how two biggest Companies try to sort out in what direction should Instant Photography be going.

Polaroid: No worries we will still release new instant camera.
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Uncertain future of Polaroid and Immposible co-operation.

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In 2009 it was announced by Polaroid that the company will start production of new camera using old Polaroid technology, this camera was Polaroid 1000.

“In 2009, Polaroid’s new owners and managers contacted Impossible to discuss possible co-operations regarding bringing analog Instant Photography back,” – says Spokesman.

But now it is 2010 and Polaroid’s announcing of new camera, rebranded Fuji Instax, Polaroid 300,  is a “surprising instant twist in communication” from Polaroid.

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Magnum Photos releases its First iPhone App.

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The most prestigious photographic agency Magnum Photos in association with Reporters Without Borders announced that they will release in the next few days an iPhone app.

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Things that inspire me – Music Videos

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There is a lot of things that inspire me. Some of them are music videos. Here is my selection of videos that in my opinion are great. Maybe they will inspire you to do something?

Some time ago I discovered this video

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Polaroid is Back !!! Instant one :)

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Funny thing is that few days ago I have started this blog and first post was about dying art of Polaroid and I just found out that Polaroid is back. Polaroid, according to British Journal of Photography, just announced that:

Polaroid has partnered with Fujifilm to develop and release its new Polaroid 300 instant camera and matching instant film, which uses Fujifilm’s Instax design and format. 300 is the results of what PLR IP Holdings, Polaroid’s new owner, calls the “Polaroid Movement”, which has brought together “creative minds, leading instant and digital imaging technologies and iconic photographers”.

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Great Ad by Sam Brown from Flynn

I have always been ad-buster I just love them. Since I was little I was always interested in advertising. How they change our lives? How they create and define our lives? Since I was born I live in the world that is bombarded by ads, everywhere. Everyday we wake up we are convicted to ads. My everyday routine is full of brands and logos. In the morning I press the alarm button on my LOGO (put name of your company 🙂 ) mobile put on my LOGO sleepers, brush my teeth with LOGO paste with LOGO brush. I take a shower with my LOGO shower gel. I towel myself with a LOGO towel. I eat my LOGO cereals and so on and so on. You know the story we all have brands on us.

But ads do not have to be painful today I found one great ad that I think is amazing and very inspiring. It is Samsung 3d LED TV

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