Small change makes a big difference

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When I started my ONE PERSON STUDIO – Real Faces of Tattoo project I wasn’t 100 % sure about the concept. I knew I wanted to photograph tattooists. I had some idea how I’d like the background to look, how to set up the lights. I knew that I wanted to portray them the way they are. The way I see them. The way they are to me, as it is always one’s interpretation of the person whose portrait is taken.
But what is interesting for me is how this project is evolving, how I change the light, backgrounds.
Firstly I wanted background to be neutral black but now I let it to be different but not crowded, not overpowering.
I want it to be background, simple. But now I experiment with light and by changing angles I had to change the postproduction process. Hope you like the new images and that they will be good addition to the portraits I shot so far.
Studio in Richmond is the first studio where I changed my standard setting and I think it was worth it. Changes are always good ­čÖé
Vincent Barry by ONE PERSON STUDIO Maciek KrulaSean B by ONE PERSON STUDIO Maciek KrulaDanny Inked Norris by ONE PERSON STUDIO Maciek Krula


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┬á Some time ago I started a new project called ONE PERSON STUDIO –┬ábecause I photograph only one person at a time and I carry the studio myself.
The idea was born from the urge to photograph people who are interesting, but not specially interested in visiting a photographic studio to have their picture taken.
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Polaroids! We miss you!

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Polaroid unfortunately announced closing down its division of instant film production. For me and many other fans of this technology and instant pictures it was catastrophic news. Just like dogs left in the forest we walked lost in the digital era. But as I just found out there is a hope, light at the end of the tunnel. I just found out that there are people like me, who miss Polaroid film so much that they try to retouch their digital pictures so they look like Polaroids. I know there are some companies out there that try to make money on our sentiments, as expected, by producing plug-ins for Photoshop.

But I found one guy named  Maxmilian Jaenicke aka rawimage on Devianart, who developed instead of plug-ins for Photoshop set of actions that you can download for free.

It is very simple and effects are amazing.

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