Future is here!!!! 3D without glasses? No way? Way!!! :)

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It doesn’t matter how it works, but it’s here, for the first time. Finally we can enjoy 3D cinema without wearing these ridiculous glasses.

Moreover, it is also a 4K TV boosting a staggering 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution that is four times higher than a typical full-HD model.


I think so, I’d love to get one of those, but we still don’t know when it is going to be available in Europe and what is more important what will be the price?


Do I really need a big budget? The Ice book project

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Like anyone who takes photos, I love to create big projects. I thought this way my pictures would be better and my clients will like them even more. But does a lack of money have to be an obstacle to a good project?

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